D3696-Series-50 Hz

91 cm x 244 cm 2 hp  Pre-Assembled Duplex Grinder Package

2 hp.
36" (~91 cm) x 96" (~244 cm) 

For residential and commercial applications, the D3696LSG is a complete factory assembled duplex grinder package featuring LSG200-Series 2 hp Omnivore® grinder pumps. All internal brackets, floats, guide-rail base and discharge piping are pre-installed at the factory saving hours of labor at the job site.


  • Factory assembled duplex grinder package with ~91 cm X ~244 cm fiberglass basin with anit-flotation collar
  • 2 hp Omnivore® grinder pumps available in various voltages
  • Available in single or 2-stage
  • 4" (~10 cm) inlet hub
  • Galvanized guide rail piping (stainless optional)
  • Factory pre-assembled guide rail system
  • Factory pre-assembled schedule 80 PVC discharge piping with ball valves and check valves
  • Fiberglass basin with anti-flotation collar
  • Standard green fiberglass cover, solid (optional black steel, solid)
  • All stainless steel supports and brackets pre-mounted
  • Matching duplex control panel included